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Whew, chile! Im making creative cornbread meant to nourish, honor, and amplify the souls of black folks in the South.

Beta Test

Beta Test is my first offering to the world in the form of music. It is my ode to the South I grew up in that formed the way I carry my blackness and my womanhood in the world. It’s called Beta Test because I wanted to “test” the sound out with folks. I wanted to see if they would vibe with it. I wanted to see if they would connect with it.

I released it on August 29, 2017-my birthday. It was well-received but I did not push the project at all. Now, in 2019 as I begin the year, I am going hard to create the videos and the buzz this project needs behind it. I’m going all in. Take a listen to Beta Test and let me know how it makes you feel.

Stream Beta Test everywhere you can listen to music!



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