Delicious by Talibah Safiya is one of those songs that you listen to and slow dance with yourself quite literally. It implores you to wrap your hands around your body and feel that you are real and appreciate all of the flesh and bone that’s come together to form you. 

This visualizer is a testament to Talibah and I’s friendship and synergy. It is a lesson in trust and vulnerability. We hope that is makes you feel something in your body and your soul. 

“Delicious” Closing track from Talibah’s latest EP release “Black Magic”

Performed and Written by: Talibah Safiya

Produced by: Madame Fraankie

Co-produced by: Ari Morris and ANTE

Engineered and Mixed by: Ari Morris

Mastered by: Glenn Schick

Visualizer by: Zaire Love