This story of retribution tells the tale of the leader of a coven posing as a Madam of a brothel. Mr and Mrs Crump have been aggressively attempting to purchase her space or just push her out. She has noticed the way that they have started to purchase many of the businesses in her neighborhood and she’s not pleased. So she and her coven decide to take matters in their own hands.

This type of story is important to tell from a black woman’s perspective. It’s necessary to be honest about the ways colonial values affect us all and it’s imperative to speak on how we handle these aggressions from a position of power. The oppressor is always so surprised. Imagine That Muthaf&*(%?.


Shot| Directed| Edited by Zaire Love

Color Correction Icon Sean

Produced by Deepwater Media

Creative Director Talibah Safiya

Styled by Talibah Safiya

Coven Victoria Elizabeth Jones BKA Big Akili Enzi Yasmeen

Dancers/Choreography Trinica Goods Angel Ceara

Actors Bart Mallard Shannon Walton

Hair Will Banks

MUA Akeidra Monea

Additional Thanks Teal Wright